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Say helloooo to:

our Recruitment Chairs,

Hello Potential New Members! My name is Ellie Ingram, and I am ecstatic to be serving as Phi Mu’s Membership Director for Recruitment! Thank you for visiting our website and for coming across our recruitment page. My committee and I will be hard at work this summer planning and preparing to finally meet each girl that walks through our doors come August! As stressful as Recruitment may sound, I can ensure you that the process is rewarding and worth every second when it is over. Having an open mind and staying true to yourself will allow you to see what all Recruitment has to offer. You will be introduced to an abundant amount of people during the week who may end up being your lifelong friends!


Phi Mu has exposed me to so many opportunities these past three years and I would not be where I am today without each member of our chapter. Walking into the doors of Phi Mu my Freshman year I was able to completely and unapologetically be myself. Each day I made deeper connections to the people I met, and I felt as if I had known them for years. I have met my beautiful future bridesmaids, one-of-a-kind roommates, and an amazing group of best friends that I know will be in my life forever, thanks to Phi Mu. These relationships and friendships I have with every girl in our chapter are something that I would never trade for anything! I am grateful for each blessing and lesson Phi Mu has given and taught me. I can only pray that as you go through this tedious process you will find a strong-hearted group who will be there for you through thick and thin. 


Looking back at my Freshman year Recruitment experience, I can honestly say I never thought that I would be serving as the Recruitment Chairman for Phi Mu. Phi Mu is my home away from home and my goal is to show you all why we love it so much! I know right now just the word Recruitment may scare you but know that when the week comes you will be so eager to get out there and meet tons of amazing people! If anything, Recruitment taught me to stay true to myself and do what is best for me! I am SO pumped to finally meet each of your smiling faces in August and I know our chapter is too!



Ellie Ingram

Heyyy Potential New Members! My name is Charlotte Bigelow and I have the absolute honor of serving as this year’s Membership Director of Recruitment for Phi Mu. We are already in depth planning with our committee to meet each of you who walk through our doors in the fall. We are over the moon for each of you to step into this special season of life; these next few years will be so cherished!!

My prayer for each and every one of you is that you will have a peaceful mind and an overwhelming heart as you walk out of Phi Mu, just like I did a couple years ago. Recruitment may sound like a scary week full of long and tiring days, but I promise you will look back and be so thankful for the process because it will bring you some of your greatest blessings. Change is inevitable, and can be intimidating at times, but in college you will learn so many new skills, qualities, and characteristics that you’ve never had to use before. You will experience late night ice cream talks with friends that you didn’t know for 18 years, meet people in your freshman dorm that will soon feel like family to you, and above all you will have a support system of 300+ people that will be there to cry with you in your toughest seasons, and celebrate with you during your biggest accomplishments. 

Coming from a small town, I was nervous and full of anticipation when I left for college: wondering what my life would look like, who my new friends would be, how my classes would go, and who I would soon become in my new environment. Those feelings are completely valid, and are so normal! But let me tell you, each of my worries and doubts have completely gone away and I have such a grateful heart when I look back on the prayers of my 18 year old self. 

All this to say, my experience at Auburn and specifically Phi Mu is what makes me so excited to serve my chapter as Recruitment Chair and welcome your sweet faces in a few months!! I cannot wait for our executive team and chapter as a whole to pour into our next pledge class and show them the strong bond that our sisterhood has and will always have. My biggest goal for our chapter is that we all demonstrate why we love Phi Mu and the things that it has given us: friends that we will have for 50 more years, a sense of belonging that I’ll cherish forever, and a place where I can show and receive love in all of its greatest forms. 


Charlotte Bigelow



Ellie Ingram & Charlotte Bigelow

"Phi Mom"

Hello! My name is Darby Rose, and this year I have the honor of serving as Phi Mu New Member Director, also known as Phi Mom. My job is to nurture you, love on you, and challenge you as Auburn and Phi Mu become your home away from home. I will be there with you on your best days and your worst, encouraging you and teaching you what it means to become a proud, confident Phi Mu woman. 


I remember my freshman year like it was yesterday - the good, the bad, and the ugly. The constant that uplifted me, supported me, and stood by me was Phi Mu. I have met the most incredible women that I never knew I needed. I now have an amazing big and little sister,  incredible roommates, and friends that push me to be a better woman every day. I pray that each of you experiences this joy as you meet your future bridesmaids and lifelong, one-of-a-kind friends in this chapter. 


Extraordinary, smart, kind. strong, beautiful, courageous, and deserving women fill this chapter, and I cannot wait to welcome all of you into this sisterhood. You are here for a reason, and you will find your footing, I promise. Just know, as you come into college with uncertainty and uneasiness, you are already so loved here in Phi Mu. You will laugh here, you will cry here, and you will make memories that last a lifetime. I cannot wait to see you conquer Auburn and find a home in this chapter. I am so honored to be by your side through it all. 

with love,

darby rose

2022 Recruitment Schedule

 August 4: Recruitment Kickoff 
August 5: Virtual Ice Water Teas
August 6-8: In-Person Philanthropy Round
August 9-11: In-Person Sisterhood Day
August 12: In-Person Pref Day
August 13: Bid Day 

2022 Panhellenic recruitment Info

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