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our Recruitment Chairs!

To each potential new member, 


    My name is Emma Deason and I have the privilege of serving as Phi Mu’s Recruitment Chair this year. I am so ecstatic that you visited our website and came across our Recruitment page. We are already in depth planning with our committee to meet each of you who walk through our doors in the fall. We are over the moon for each of you to step into this special season of life; these next few years will be so cherished! 

    Coming from a town close to Auburn, I was nervous and full of anticipation in the hopes of creating my own path stepping into this new chapter of my life. If you would have told me as the Freshman PNM walking through the doors of Phi Mu that I would be serving as the Recruitment Chair in 2 years, I wouldn’t have believed you. However, this is a testimony as to how the girls in this chapter have encouraged me, trusted me, and guided me, to become the best version of myself and flourish in a position where I get to serve the chapter that I love so dearly. 

    I know Recruitment might bring you a whirlwind of emotions, I’ve been there myself, but know that our goal is to get to know YOU. Walking into the doors of Phi Mu my Freshman year I was able to completely and unapologetically be myself. Each day I made deeper connections to the people I met, and I felt as if I had known them for years. Running home to Phi Mu on Bid Day made every feeling felt through Recruitment so worth it, as all I felt that day was pure joy. These relationships and friendships I have with every girl in our chapter are something that I would never trade for anything. I am grateful for each blessing and lesson Phi Mu has given and taught me. I can only pray that as you go through this tedious process you will find a strong-hearted group of young women who will be there for you through the many ups and down’s college will bring you. My prayer for each and every one of you is that you will have a peaceful mind and an overwhelming heart as you walk out of Phi Mu, just like I did a couple years ago.


    My biggest goal for our chapter is that we all demonstrate why we love Phi Mu and the things that it has given us: friends that we will have for 50 more years, a sense of belonging that I’ll cherish forever, and a place where I can show and receive love in all of its greatest forms. I am SO pumped to finally meet each of your smiling faces in August and I know our chapter is too!



Emma Deason


Molly Johnson

I am beyond excited to serve as Junior Recruitment Chair this year! Phi Mu has given me so many opportunities and friendships that will last a lifetime! I cannot wait for each and every PNM that steps through Phi Mu’s doors to experience the love Phi Mu showed to me!

Alexis Grelier

I am on cloud nine to be able to serve as Junior Recruitment Chair for Phi Mu this year! These girls have truly blessed me in countless ways that I could have never imagined since I opened my bid last year. We cannot wait to show you the immense love and joy that Phi Mu brings each of us! We love you already PC ‘23!

"phi mom"

Hello! My name is Avery Linville, and this year I have the honor of serving as Phi Mu New Member Director, also known as Phi Mom. My job is to nurture you, love on you, and challenge you as Auburn and Phi Mu become your home away from home. I will be there with you on your best days and your worst, encouraging you and teaching you what it means to become a proud, confident Phi Mu woman. 


I remember my freshman year like it was yesterday - the good, the bad, and the ugly. The constant that uplifted me, supported me, and stood by me was Phi Mu. I have met the most incredible women that I never knew I needed. I now have an amazing big and little sister,  incredible roommates, and friends that push me to be a better woman every day. I pray that each of you experiences this joy as you meet your future bridesmaids and lifelong, one-of-a-kind friends in this chapter. 


Extraordinary, smart, kind. strong, beautiful, courageous, and deserving women fill this chapter, and I cannot wait to welcome all of you into this sisterhood. You are here for a reason, and you will find your footing, I promise. Just know, as you come into college with uncertainty and uneasiness, you are already so loved here in Phi Mu. You will laugh here, you will cry here, and you will make memories that last a lifetime. I cannot wait to see you conquer Auburn and find a home in this chapter. I am so honored to be by your side through it all. 


with love,

Avery Linville

2024 Recruitment Schedule

August 9: Recruitment Kickoff & Virtual Ice Water Teas
August 10-12: In-Person Philanthropy Round
August 13-15: In-Person Sisterhood Day
August 16: In-Person Pref Day
August 17: Bid Day 

Panhellenic recruitment Info

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