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"to lend to those less fortunate a helping hand"

Phi Mu Creed

Children's miracle network hospitals

Hey y’all! My name is Ellen Connell, and I have the privilege of serving as Phi Mu’s Philanthropy Chair this year. Serving on behalf of the Alpha Mu chapter has been a dream come true, and it is an honor to work with such selfless people, who push me to go above and beyond for our philanthropy, Children’s Miracle Network Hospital. CMNH has tugged on my heart strings for the past two years and working so closely the past year with them is what urged me to take a leap of faith and become the liason between Phi Mu and CMNH!


We participate in Auburn University’s Dance Marathon each year and this spring, our team was lucky enough to be the top fundraiser among so many amazing teams, raising over $80,000 to be donated to CMNH! Because of this donation, the new hospital being built for the Piedmont-Columbus Children’s Miracle Network Hospital will feature a community space dedicated to Alpha Mu! Some of our favorite philanthropy events include Carnations for Kids, where we host a booth on the concourse on Valentine’s Day selling flowers to students! Another special philanthropy event is Phi Music Fest - a concert where local Auburn bands are invited to perform for students from all over campus to learn more about Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals! We are so lucky to have a local CMNH to support in Columbus, Georgia, so not only do we get to raise awareness and funds for our hospital, but we are able to have a direct relationship with the children being treated, as well as families and staff at CMNH. Our efforts to support sweet Miracle Families is one of the most special parts about being a Phi Mu!


for the kids,

Ellen Connell




auburn university dance marathon

carnations for kids

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