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"to lend to those less fortunate a helping hand"

Phi Mu Creed

Children's miracle network hospitals

Hey y’all! My name is Brooklyn Nall and I have the privilege of serving as Phi Mu’s Philanthropy Chair this year. Serving on behalf of the Alpha Mu chapter has been a dream come true and working with such selfless people, push me to go above and beyond for our philanthropy, Children’s Miracle Network Hospital. CMNH has tugged on my heart string for the past two years and working so closely the past year with them is what urged me to take a leap of faith and become the lesion between Phi Mu and CMNH. Creating a tight nit bond with the nurses, staff, and families of Colobus Regional is what will help make this unprecedented year so special. We are so fortunate to have a hospital 45 minutes away in Piedmont, GA and even though we are not allowed any visits this year, we are doing our best to stay connected more than ever. This year has had so many unforeseen circumstances, but my main goal will be overcoming adversity. We have had many COVID friendly events already, such as local benefit nights and our Amazon Drive, and we will continue raising money for our hospital through the CDC Health and Safety Guidelines. There are many events yet to come, but let’s take a trip down memory lane, so I can help you visualize some of our past events we’ve done!

for the kids,


Phi Music Fest

We had the best time at our philanthropy event, Phi Music Fest! We loved raising money for CMNH with our sisters and great music. We had awesome food and sold tickets throughout the week for anyone to join us to raise money for the kids!

auburn university dance marathon

At AUDM we get the chance to raise money for our Children's Miracle Network Hospital in Columbus, Georgia, and this year we were awarded the Top Fundraising Team! We could not be more proud of our girls for their hard work, and we are so thankful for the opportunity AUDM gives us to make a difference in so many kids' lives through this amazing event. Phi Mu is For the Kids!


carnations for kids

For two days before Valentine's Day every year, we put on our bid day jerseys and set up on the Haley Concourse and sell carnations to raise money for the kids and to spread the love! It's a super fun and easy way for those on Auburn's campus to learn more about CMNH and help us support the kids.

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