Hi everyone! It does not feel real to be writing this and introducing myself as the 2022 Phi Mu President for the Alpha Mu Chapter at Auburn University. The opportunity to serve and lead the chapter that has given me so much is one that I will treasure for the rest of my life; I wish for every single woman to be able to find the sense of community, home, and unconditional love that I found in Phi Mu. These girls are my ‘why.’ Why I wake up every day striving to be better, why I know that whatever life throws at me I have friends that have become family, and why I have a heart of gratitude through the laughs, tears and everything in between. 


This group of women blows me away every single day. They are all equally devoted to pushing one another to be the best versions of themselves. They inspire me to never settle in any aspect of this life and make me feel so incredibly worthy of the love they so freely give out. The love for their school, philanthropy, sisterhood and mashed potato buffets (can’t forget about that Phi Mu tradition) radiate throughout any room, and I consider this sisterhood the biggest blessing that college has thrown my way. It is the biggest honor in the world to represent this group of outstanding, brave, beautiful, selfless, and bold women. 

Anyone embarking on the new life adventure of attending college knows that change is inevitable. You may be moving from the house you grew up in, leaving your parents’ roof for the first time, straying from friends that you’ve known your entire life, or even all of these things at once. Change can be scary, and the unknown can be even scarier; with that being said, I hope to shed a little light on what this unknown can look like. It looks like dorm decorating, Village Dining ice-cream runs, and walking all over campus to find your classes that first day. It looks like new hobbies and finding what sets your heart on fire. It looks like new friends that become family in an instant. It looks like a group of 300+ women standing behind you to both celebrate your accomplishments and pick you up when you fall short. Most importantly and above it all, it looks like growth. Growth as a friend, a student, a person, and a college kid just finding your way in this crazy world. You won’t always get it right the first time—and sometimes not even the second or third, but just lean into your faith, look for the good in each day, and squeeze the people you love. Because at the end of it all, all of the growth and success in the world are nothing without people to share it with.



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